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Here is what we are doing:

This section covers the broad spectrum of marketing/advertising your site on the net, dealing with various internet marketing tools, tips and techniques.

If you already have a website(s) then you have a definite head-start. You need to look at ways to improve the performance of your site(s), and that's probably why you are here.

If you are ready to put-into-action a website idea that you have conceptualised, you need to look at how to get started and then make your site perform.

In either case, you need to look at a number of topics:

  • Website Design, Content and Layout
  • Website Promotion
  • Website Automation
  • Alternative Revenue Streams

1. Website Design, Content and Layout:

Ever visited a website that looked like a 5-year-old designed it and thought how unprofessional it looked ??

Chances are, that site was one of the easiest to look at and navigate around. 

Now this site has improved quite a lot recently, but it still doesn't have the look.

You don't need your site to be the best looking site in the world, nor have a whole bunch of flying icons roaming around your visitors screens, nor do you need sounds and plug-ins and special Java applets and scripts.

Hek, take a look at this site. It is nowhere near being a perfectly presented site, but it is simple, with a navigation bar at the top and no bandwidth-sucking pictures or plug-ins.

marketing plan for your website 

2. Website Promotion

So you've developed your site and you are ready to take on the world...... but you have little or no traffic.

You submit your site to all the search engines and wait for them to be listed. You score number 12,349 on AltaVista, and Yahoo still hasn't listed your site (they are very busy!).


A website is useless without traffic.


Search Engines aren't the only medium for generating traffic. Traffic can be generated via Email, Affiliate Programs, Banner Exchanges, Ads, Reciprocal Links, Sneaky submissions in Forums etc etc etc

And let's not forget Email. If you have a list, let your customers know about your site. If you don't, buy/rent a targeted list. But don't SPAM. Percentages show that a high majority of people will avoid you like the plague if you SPAM them. (See our Email Marketing Section for more info)


3. Website Automation


Ever visited a site and found a cool product that you wanted to buy right there and then..... but the merchant wanted you to call their 800# to place your order..... and it's 11.23pm.... and you are already using your only phone line......

Now imagine how your customers may be feeling ???

Automating your website for accepting Credit Cards is a whole lot easier than you think.

Have a look here for a bit of insight....

Accepting Credit Cards isn't the only Website Automation we'll talk about.

Email is another process that can be automated to virtually any extent. Answering Emails or sending Email newsletters can be a tedious exercise. But imagine setting up an autoresponder that sends regular Emails to customers without any intervention from you....

You can do this with ease. A product called "AWeber" is about the easiest method we've seen yet. You write a series of Emails which are stored by AWeber for you. When a visitor to your site subscribes to your list or sends an email to you, AWeber starts sending the series of Emails. The user receives targeted Email while they are still a HOT prospect, and you don't lift a finger....



See our on-line automation section for more details

4. Alternative Revenue Streams

If your site has traffic and you are getting sales from 5% of visitors, then what's happening the the other 95%. Perhaps your products do not suit these people ???

You can use this traffic to generate income from sales that other merchants make.

What ???

It's for real. Heard of Affiliate Programs (aka Associate or Referral Programs) ???

You send traffic to related or non-related merchants who pay you for the clickthroughs or pay you commissions on sales that stem from your traffic.

See our Affiliate Programs section for an in-depth look.



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